Important notice Fraudulent mobile application impersonating LGT


It has come to our attention that the brand name and logo of our company (“LGT” or “LGT Bank (Hong Kong)”) have been used illegally by a fraudulent mobile application to solicit investments from the public or investors in China. We would like to remind all our clients and members of the public to remain vigilant of such fraudulent application purportedly provided by LGT. We would like to state for the record that LGT has never launched any mobile or online applications in China, and we have not authorised any third party to do so on our behalf. LGT is not associated in any way with the above mentioned or any other mobile applications that offer investment schemes in China. LGT reserves the right to take legal action against any person or company that impersonates LGT and/or infringes our intellectual property in carrying out unlawful activities.

We urge those who may have been victims of the fraud to report the case to the police and seek assistance from the local authorities. 

For all LGT clients, you may contact your relationship managers if you have any questions or need assistance. Members of public may also contact us at +852 2868 0201 if you have any queries.

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