The Princely Strategy The essence of our investment expertise

The Princely Strategy combines the entire investment expertise of LGT. Clients who invest their assets according to the same strategy as our owners, the Princely Family, can thus benefit from this long-standing know-how. The portfolio is invested in a wide range of asset classes and markets and aims to generate long-term returns similar to a global equity portfolio - but with lower price fluctuations. 

Leben Sie Ihr Vermögens wie die Fürstliche Familie an.

The Princely Strategy

Invest according to the same strategies as the Princely Family

The appeal of the co-investment approach Follow the example of the Princely Family of Liechtenstein

The Princely Strategy pursues a long-term investment approach based on discipline, consistent risk management and broad diversification.

Alignment of interests

Both our clients and our employees can invest in the Princely Strategy alongside the Princely Family. This co-investment approach provides a unique alignment of interest between our clients and owner.

High proportion of alternative investments

The Princely Strategy enables clients to invest in traditional asset classes, such as equities or bonds, as well as alternatives like private equity. Private markets can generate very attractive returns, but the opportunities for private individuals to invest directly in private equity are generally very limited.

Broadly diversified investments

In the Princely Strategy, we take a proactive approach to risk and attach great importance to broad diversification across asset classes and to active management.

Would you like to find out whether the Princely Strategy is a good match for you? We would be happy to advise you.

The Princely Strategy in figures

We provide our clients with regular, transparent updates about the performance of the Princely Strategy and the nature of our tactical investments. Contact us to find out more - being open and transparent is very important to us.

  • CHF 1 bn

    In 1998, the Princely Family commissioned LGT to develop the Princely Strategy and, as the founding client, invested CHF 1 billion from the sale of a business.

  • CHF 17 bn

    Today, CHF 17 billion is invested for clients according to the Princely Strategy. CHF 3 billion is invested for the Princely Family and LGT employees (all figures as at 31 December 2022).

  • 33 percent

    Around 33 percent of the assets invested according to the Princely Strategy are allocated to private market investments such as private equity, real assets or private debt (as at 31 December 2022).

  • 25 years

    The investment specialists responsible for the Princely Strategy have an average investment experience of 25 years (as at 31 December 2022).

Explore other investment opportunities The right investment solution for every situation

The Princely Strategy is our flagship product. But we also offer plenty of other exciting investment opportunities. Are you interested in sustainable investments? Or would like to structure your assets in a way that ensures a smooth handover to the next generation? No matter what you are looking for, you will find a wide range of attractive solutions here.

Sustainable investing

Attractive investment solutions for a more sustainable future.

Impact investing

Invest in companies that generate financial returns and create value for environment and society.

Wealth planning

Families with complex asset structures or dynamics require comprehensive wealth planning.

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