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I nostri esperti monitorano e analizzano costantemente settori, mercati e società. Le analisi fondate e le valutazioni di mercato elaborate offrono una solida base per decisioni di investimento ponderate. Non perdetevi le nostre periodiche informazioni di mercato per restare sempre aggiornati.

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US inflation cools more than expected

Inflation in the US slowed rapidly last month, coming in negative on the month and well below analysts’ expectations. The US dollar dropped, gold shot up and Treasury yields fell immediately after the release of the data on Thursday as traders assumed the soft inflation figure clears the way...

Wall Street green light
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More new highs for US stocks

US equity markets forged ahead to new highs yet again, despite already hitting multiple all-time highs in the previous several sessions. The themes causing euphoria on markets remained the same as in the last days: hopes that the Federal Reserve (Fed) will soon begin lowering interest rates and...
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Powell still looking for more progress towards inflation goal

Federal Reserve (Fed) Chair Jerome Powell said Tuesday that the central bank is still waiting for more data to strengthen confidence that inflation is returning to its 2% target before it is willing to cut rates. On a more positive note for markets, he mentioned that the Fed was also concerned...
Europe Euro
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European sentiment pressured by politics - US, Asian stocks hit new highs

A recovery in euro-area investor sentiment came to an abrupt stop this month as political and economic concerns weighed on the morale of economic participants. While European equities traded mixed on Monday, the indices on Wall Street continued to hit fresh record highs. In Asia, stocks were...


Con i nostri "Insights" desideriamo intrattenervi, ispirarvi, sorprendervi e informarvi. Autori esterni e interni redigono interessanti contributi nei settori economia e finanza come pure arte e società. Date un'occhiata.

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"Camels instead of unicorns"

Overnight success and huge profits are no longer the driving forces behind entrepreneurship. Dietmar Grichnik, Professor of Entrepreneurship at the University of St.Gallen (HSG), explains why the focus has instead shifted to sustainability, purpose and happiness.

Street art; a woman holds a bouquet of flowers in front of her face

My Bristol: More than Banksy

On Bristol's local art scene, hot air balloons and the reason why the city is ten minutes behind.
A close-up of an older, official building with the Italian and EU flags.
Financial markets

Can southern Europe drive future Eurozone growth?

Economic growth in Spain and Italy is currently ahead of the European average, while Germany and France are lagging. Does this mean a long-term structural change in the Eurozone roadmap?
A face can be seen in an electronic device, while in the background a poster refers to AI.
Investment strategy

How to protect yourself against AI-fuelled misinformation

Artificial intelligence makes it increasingly hard to filter information when making investment decisions. This could lead to disastrous consequences. Fortunately, there are ways to counter the AI challenge and ensure safe outcomes.

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