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ECB leaves rates unchanged

The European Central Bank (ECB) left interest rates unchanged, a move in line with market expectations, but left the option open for another cut at its next meeting in September. In US politics, Donald Trump officially accepted the nomination as the presidential candidate for the Republican...

Elections in the United States of America
The Strategist

The potential implications of Biden’s withdrawal from the 2024 presidential race

The first 2024 presidential debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump marked a critical juncture for Biden’s re-election campaign. Biden’s performance during the debate was notably poor; he appeared hesitant, his speech was sometimes unclear, and his responses did not alleviate concerns...
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Pound spikes as sticky inflation shatters hopes of BOE rate cut

The British pound shot up against the US dollar after data released on Wednesday showed the UK inflation rate froze in place in June. In the euro area, inflation fell slightly, but that wasn’t enough to save European equity markets, which were mostly down midweek. On Wall Street, the rotation...
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Dow, small caps enter the spotlight

Following weeks marked by relentless all-time highs by tech stocks, the tides appear to have turned, at least for the first days of the second-quarter earnings season. On Tuesday, the Dow Jones Industrial surged to another all-time high, while the small-cap Russell 2000 also spiked. The...


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Financial knowledge

Share buybacks

2024 is set to be a banner year for share buyback programmes. But many market participants are critical of this practice - despite the strong endorsement from Warren Buffett.

A person in work clothes in a workshop holds a hammer and ruler on a piece of leather marked 'LV'.
Investment strategy

Europe's healthy "Granolas" stocks

Eleven pharma, tech and luxury stocks, known as the Granolas, are fuelling this year's European stock market surge.
Middle-aged man in a suit, leaning against a wall with his arms crossed in front of a dark background.

"Camels instead of unicorns"

Overnight success and huge profits are no longer the driving forces behind entrepreneurship. Dietmar Grichnik, Professor of Entrepreneurship at the University of St.Gallen (HSG), explains why the focus has instead shifted to sustainability, purpose and happiness.
Street art; a woman holds a bouquet of flowers in front of her face

My Bristol: More than Banksy

On Bristol's local art scene, hot air balloons and the reason why the city is ten minutes behind.

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