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Nos expertes et experts observent et analysent les secteurs, les marchés et les entreprises en continu. Leurs analyses fondées et leurs estimations du marché vous apportent une base solide pour prendre des décisions de placement bien réfléchies. Pour suivre les tendances en temps réel, lisez nos informations régulières sur le marché.  

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LGT Private Banking House View

March 2024 - in a nutshell

In this month's House View, we review some of our "Outlook 2024" forecasts and take a look at the latest developments in the financial markets. In our Macro article, we discuss the challenges faced by the manufacturing sector in recent years, highlight the factors behind this development and...

Mixed markets
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Stock markets struggle to find direction ahead of inflation data

US stocks moved little on Tuesday, following a similarly slow session in Europe. On Wednesday, Asian stocks were likewise mixed and struggling to find a clear direction. Macoeconomic data released on Tuesday wasn’t enough to send equities in either direction, but suggested both the US consumer...
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Stock markets await clues from inflation data

US and European equity markets finished the first session of the week slightly lower as traders shifted their attention to macroeconomic data later in the week. They hope to gain insight from the data into when the world’s largest central banks will begin cutting interest rates. Personal...
German flag
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German business sentiment brightens slightly

After a week of record highs supported by solid Nvidia results, US stock indices were mixed to finish the week with some profit taking particularly in the tech space. European markets finished the week strong, supported by positive business sentiment out of Germany. To start the week, Asian...


Nos "Insights" ont pour but de vous divertir, vous inspirer, vous surprendre et vous informer. Des auteurs et auteures externes et internes y rédigent des articles passionnants consacrés à l'économie et aux finances, mais aussi à l'art et à la société. Venez y jeter un œil. 

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Investment strategy

Can the German economy start growing again?

Once the engine of European economic growth, German'’s stuttering economy reflects fiscal risk aversion, energy challenges, and insufficient digital flexibility. Yet a strong industrial core, a growing green tech sector, and falling inflation all hold out hope for a longer-term recovery.

A man in a button-down shirt in the outdoors smiles into the camera. The image quality indicates that the image is not digital.
Financial knowledge

Amos Tversky: the irrationality of decision making

The Israeli cognitive psychologist not only revolutionised his own academic discipline but had an outsized influence on economics through his theories on heuristics and loss aversion.
Many different coloured containers in a container port that looks like a mosaic from a bird's eye view
Financial markets

The new top priority? Economic and resource security

With businesses pouring money into creating more resilient international supply chains, and governments leaning towards trade protectionism, investors face new economic risks - but also significant opportunities.
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Financial knowledge

Dieter Helm: "A sustainable legacy - and future growth - are both possible"

Economist and environmentalist Dieter Helm believes that legacy and sustainability are inextricably linked. Each generation has a responsibility to pass on a world that's at least as good as, or a little better than, it inherited. And he's clear that our current way of life is unsustainable.

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