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UBS takes over Credit Suisse secured by state guarantees

Swiss major bank Credit Suisse is to be acquired by domestic rival UBS after a weekend of intense negotiations. The "deal" comes with a government guarantee of nine billion Swiss francs as well as liquidity assistance from the Swiss National Bank (SNB) of 100 billion francs. However, the end of...

ECB Lagarde
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Prospects of a more moderate monetary policy and recovery in the banking sector provide for more positive sentiment

With a further interest rate hike, the ECB is continuing its fight against inflation unperturbed for the time being. The key interest rate was raised by half a percent to 3.5%. In her inflation and growth outlook, ECB President Lagarde was more confident and stressed that developments in the...
Credit Suisse
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Banking sector keeps stock markets under pressure - ECB interest rate decision in focus

International stock exchanges experienced another day of losses in the middle of the week. In particular, the European banking sector remained under pressure after the shares of Credit Suisse slumped to a new record low on Wednesday. The announcement that the Swiss National Bank (SNB) will...
US Consumer Prices
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Further decline in US inflation could provide relief for the Fed

Equity markets continued their recovery after the price losses of the last few days, which were driven by turbulence in the banking sector. Investors found support in the assumption that the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates only moderately, if at all, at the monetary policy decision...


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Thematic investing: Healthy lifestyle in your portfolio

The healthcare sector is in the midst of fundamental change. What opportunities does this present for investors?

Financial knowledge

Stagflation, then and now

The strained global economic environment is giving rise to talk of stagflation – but what is stagflation, exactly?
Financial knowledge

What happens when a company is kicked out of a stock index?

It recently happened to Tesla, and Lufthansa experienced it during the Coronavirus crisis: both were removed from a stock index. Does such a removal impact just a company’s image or does it also have financial repercussions?
Gold was a long-term investment trend in the 70ies.
Financial markets

Gold: the investment trend of the wild 1970s

Private individuals were prohibited from owning gold in the US for decades. This was followed by a wild bull market for precious metals with a sudden end.

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