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Investing selectively remains key in this difficult environment

For the Investment Outlook for the second half of 2022, LGT experts provide an overview of economic trends and their impact on various asset classes in a series of four videos.

Tilmann Schaal, LGT
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Investment Outlook 2022

An overview from Thomas Wille

Thomas Wille

A commentary on the video above: “Persistently high inflationary pressures leave central banks in Western countries no option but to raise interest rates quickly and substantially, despite the fact that global economic growth is starting to weaken. This extraordinary constellation will pose multiple challenges for investors in the coming months.”

Georg Ruzicka on the equity market

Georg Ruzicka zum Aktienmarkt

“Tighter monetary policy coupled with slowing growth momentum is creating uncertainty and putting downward pressure on equity valuations. We favor three different strategies, namely defensive, dividends and growth – and combine these with fundamentally attractive valuations.”

Dominik Garcia on fixed income

Dominik Garcia zum Anleihenmarkt

“In the current environment, when it comes to bonds, we are on the one hand focusing on corporate bonds, which have taken advantage of the period of low interest rates to strengthen their balance sheet, as well as to extend their maturity profile. On the other hand, we are focusing on government bonds for hedging purposes.”

Reto Egli on funds and sustainability

Reto Egli zu Fonds und Nachhaltigkeit

“When it comes to sustainable investments, investors have to date focused heavily on top-tier companies. Even greater positive change can be achieved with companies that still have catch-up potential in terms of their ESG profile. Targeted ‘engagement’ creates potential for revaluations and results in positive change for all stakeholders: the companies themselves, their employees, society, the environment and investors.”

Market information from our research experts

La nostra visione dei mercati

LGT’s experts are always busy analyzing global economic and market trends. Our research publications on the international financial markets, sectors and companies will help you make informed investment decisions.

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