Oro, capitale, divise. Come funzionano i mercati finanziari? Su quali tendenze dovreste essere informati? Nella nostra rubrica trovate articoli interessanti dei nostri esperti finanziari sull'andamento dei mercati finanziari.

Financial markets

The search for the economic crystal ball

While history and traditional economic theory suggest that the US economy should have entered into a recession some time ago now, it continues to defy forecasts. But it's not out of the woods yet.
A photographic composition of maize, beans, coffee and gold
Financial markets

Commodity trading

Before the development of today's global transportation networks, only the most expensive commodities were traded in bulk. Now commodities trading covers a wealth of goods from wheat and gold to oil and gas.
A woman at a polling station with a US flag
Financial markets

The 2024 US elections: A nail-biter in the making

After securing their parties' nominations, Joe Biden and Donald Trump are set to go head to head again in this year's presidential elections. But the US currently stands at an important crossroads, and that won't change, no matter who wins.
Close-up of some USD banknotes
Financial markets

Is de-dollarisation a real possibility?

There are plenty of reasons to doubt the durability of the USA as a hegemonic power these days - and thus the durability of the US dollar as the world's leading reserve currency. But sceptics have called time on dollar dominance before - and been proven wrong.
Many different coloured containers in a container port that looks like a mosaic from a bird's eye view
Financial markets

The new top priority? Economic and resource security

With businesses pouring money into creating more resilient international supply chains, and governments leaning towards trade protectionism, investors face new economic risks - but also significant opportunities.
Close-up of a concentrated, thoughtful or pensive person
Financial markets

Investors: why managing emotion is crucial for maximising outcomes

As an investor, you know that investment decisions in the stock market can bring emotional challenges, particularly the pain of short-term losses. Learning how to handle setbacks and manage risk is essential to optimising returns. Long-term, it could also leave you financially much better off.
A person in sportswear in a gym lifting a barbell with heavy weights over their shoulders
Financial markets

Playing a defensive fixed income approach

Bond markets are pricing in interest rate cuts and an economic soft landing. Can a "barbell strategy" when investing in fixed income securities help investors stay cautious?
Mann mit Kugelschreiber und Notizblock im Gespräch mit zwei Personen in einer Büroumgebung
Financial markets

Why the business cycle matters to investors

Investment asset classes like stocks, bonds, and commodities behave differently depending on where the economy is in the business cycle. But certain regional business cycles offer better explanations for asset class performance than others, which can be helpful for investors.
A graph showing the intersection of an uptrend and a downtrend
Financial markets

Do you need to prepare for stagflation?

It doesn't take a psychic to recognize the signs. With global growth slumping and inflation stubbornly high, two of stagflation's key conditions look perilously close to being met.

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