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Nos expertes et experts observent et analysent les secteurs, les marchés et les entreprises en continu. Leurs analyses fondées et leurs estimations du marché vous apportent une base solide pour prendre des décisions de placement bien réfléchies. Pour suivre les tendances en temps réel, lisez nos informations régulières sur le marché.

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Stocks stabilize, but US government shutdown and oil spike cause uncertainty

Stocks markets made an attempt at stabilization mid-week after Wall Street suffered major losses on Tuesday. Major stock indices in Europe and Asia were mixed with gains and losses mostly mild. The looming government shutdown in the US remained in focus for investors while a one-year high in...

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October 2023

Like the two characters waiting for Godot in Samuel Beckett’s play, many market participants have been waiting for a recession in the United States, which may never come. Many experts assumed that US economic growth would be much weaker this year than it has been so far. And most of them have...
Grocery store
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US consumer confidence falls to four-month low

Consumer confidence in the US dropped to a four-month low in September while another indicator of economic expectations released Tuesday signalled the US economy is likely to fall into recession. Market sentiment continued to sour mid-week, pressured by the looming US government shutdown. If...
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German business sentiment weakens again

German business morale fell again in September, the fifth month of deteriorating sentiment data out of Europe’s largest economy. It’s the latest signal that the euro area is going through a difficult third quarter with the economy weakening while inflation remains high. Markets reacted...


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Financial knowledge

Warren Buffett's 1949 financial bible: outdated or timeless?

Legendary investor Warren Buffett attributes much of his success to The Intelligent Investor, a book by Benjamin Graham that was first published in 1949. In today’s multimedia world, getting through its over 600 pages can seem like quite a challenge – but it can pay off.

Investment strategy

What does the US Inflation Reduction Act mean for pharma?

Should investors be worried that pharma price cuts in the United States will make the sector less attractive?
Emmet McNamee

Emmet McNamee: "No stewardship, no net zero"

What is stewardship, and what does it deliver for clients? Emmet McNamee, Head of Stewardship at the UN Principles for Responsible Investment, gives answers.
Man holds up door for woman

Business manners: Is etiquette a thing of the past?

Who holds the door open for whom? Who orders in the restaurant? And do rules of decency and good manners even matter nowadays?

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