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The Strategist

Market shifts: the potential slowdown of gold's rally amidst Middle East de-escalation

In our previous analysis from November 2023 titled "Beyond the Middle East conflict: gold shines in times of crisis" we highlighted a dark moment for the Middle East and suggested that it was an opportune time to invest in gold. And indeed it was. Since then, however, the dynamics have changed.

Israel map
LGT Navigator

Middle East, weak earnings reports pressure stock markets

A cocktail of geopolitical developments, concerns about sticky inflation in the US and a poor start to the first-quarter earnings season were putting pressure on equity markets to start the week. Stocks spiralled downward at the end of last week after bank earnings in the US failed to convince...
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ECB keeps rates steady, signals cut to come

The European Central Bank (ECB) kept interest rates unchanged at record highs but made it clear that an interest rate cut could be imminent in the language of its statement on Thursday. The euro fell versus the dollar after the announcement and European stocks finished the day lower. US equity...
The Strategist EU trade
The Strategist

On the state of European trade

International trade is an economic pillar for European countries that has become increasingly important in recent decades. According to the World Bank, the share of trade (exports plus imports) in GDP of EU members has risen from 40% to 106% over the past 50 years, reflecting the benefits of...


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The revolution taking place at the office

Is New Work a passing fad, or a trend that will shape how companies operate in the future?

Vacant office space with cleaning machine

New work models and the flexitariat: here to stay?

Flexible work models that allow employees to have a say in how they work may be the way of the future. And according to recent studies, they can also have financial benefits for companies.
A photographic composition of maize, beans, coffee and gold
Financial markets

Commodity trading

Before the development of today's global transportation networks, only the most expensive commodities were traded in bulk. Now commodities trading covers a wealth of goods from wheat and gold to oil and gas.
An Aerones robot is pulled up a wind turbine wheel

Renewable energy and robotics - a powerful combination

Solar panels, wind turbines, hydroelectric plants: Renewable power generation is thriving, and so is the industry's need for operation and maintenance providers - particularly using robotics. An interesting investment opportunity?

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