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Are bond proxies still attractive?

Equities that behave like bonds remain interesting investments - even in a higher-for-longer interest-rate environment. If interest rates start dropping, their popularity could soar.

In a shed, men process the fibres of the abacá plant.

Plastic waste: can nature provide the solution?

From fashion to packaging to industrial products, start-ups around the world are working to replace plastics with biodegradable materials. The market is booming, and investors see an opportunity for sustainable profits. Now the alternatives to plastic have to break into the mainstream.
People are turned upside down in the loop of a giant rollercoaster, set against a blue sky.

Demystifying volatility

Market fluctuations are normal and largely unavoidable, but are they also something to fear?
Reto Knutti, standing on a terrace with Lake Zurich and the university in the background, looks into the camera.

Climate scientist Reto Knutti: Climate policy is domestic policy

Climate scientist Reto Knutti is one of the most in-demand climate experts. We talk to him about giving things up, emotions, net zero and investments.