The environment, society and business - thinking and acting sustainably makes a positive impact in many areas. Our articles discuss interesting examples and exciting ideas concerning the environmental, economic and social dimensions of sustainability.

Two teenagers facing the camera in snowy Montana

Charged with climate change

Science can now simulate what the climate would look like without human influence. This has far-reaching legal consequences: US states and companies are already being accused of climate disasters - and convicted.
Smoke emerges from a factory smokestack

Biodiversity: The next big investment trend?

An ever-growing number of plants and animals are facing extinction. But the good news is that by choosing the right investments, investors can help counteract biodiversity loss.
Prinz Max vor einem Wald

H.S.H. Prince Max von und zu Liechtenstein: "We need a more holistic mindset"

H.S.H. Prince Max von und zu Liechtenstein, Chairman LGT, talks about his outlook for sustainable investments, his core values, and the need for greater standardisation and transparency when it comes to sustainability.
The number 1.5 in front of the Berlin Brandenburger Tor during a protest march

The Paris Climate Agreement's unsung hero: Grenada's 1.5 vision

The 1.5 Celsius Paris Climate Agreement stands for global commitment to fight climate change - but we have to thank small island states for it. And Leon Charles from Grenada.
Sustainable portfolio

Four steps to your sustainable portfolio

A guide to help you on the way to your sustainable portfolio: What to think about beforehand, what to watch out for, how to find the right partner.
Emmet McNamee

Emmet McNamee: "No stewardship, no net zero"

What is stewardship, and what does it deliver for clients? Emmet McNamee, Head of Stewardship at the UN Principles for Responsible Investment, gives answers.
Katharine Hayhoe lächelt in die Kamera

"It’s not about saving the planet. It’s about saving ourselves"

Acclaimed climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe on the power of honest communication and collective action – and why nature itself is a big part of the solution when it comes to solving the climate and biodiversity crises.
 Nhlanhla Junior Ngulube in the office

Harambee: Tackling youth unemployment in South Africa

The South African non-profit organisation Harambee wants to put an end to the country’s high youth unemployment. LGT Venture Philanthropy is supporting Harambee with its mission.
The logo of the Carbon Removal Show

The Carbon Removal Show: This podcast is worth your time

A high-quality podcast gets people inspired and educated about carbon removal - easy to understand, entertaining, relevant.

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