Ambiente, società, economia – il pensiero e l'azione sostenibili producono un effetto positivo in numerosi settori. I nostri contributi offrono esempi interessanti e spunti stimolanti sulla dimensione ecologica, economica e sociale della sostenibilità.


Biodiversity is becoming increasingly important

In 1916, in a scientific paper called The Variable Desert, the biologist J. Arthur Harris described in awe the richness and variety of the plant life he had observed in the wild lands around Tucson in Arizona. There was, he wrote, "a flora rich in genera and species and of diverse geographic...
Climate change lethargy

Why am I not doing anything about climate change?

Bar a dwindling core of climate deniers and those with their heads buried in the steadily warming sand, we all now know what is happening. The climate is in crisis. An existential threat that scientists have warned of for decades is in our faces. But beyond the individual acts of perhaps...
Nachhaltige Anlagestrategie

Sustainable investing strategies: Something for everyone

In order to achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), between USD 2 trillion and USD 7 trillion must be invested every year. But while many investors want to use their investments to help address the world’s biggest social and environmental challenges, it can be...
Die amerikanische Geschäftsfrau MacKenzie Scott spendet Milliarden.

Funds for charitable giving grow in popularity

The billionaire divorcee has made a major mark on the philanthropy scene since splitting from Amazon founder Jeff Bezos - not just for her determination to give away her billion-dollar divorce settlement, but also for how she is doing it. Foundations and trusts like the Bill & Melinda...
COP 27

COP 27: Between tired déjà vu and cautious optimism

As the COP 27 UN climate change conference in Egypt draws to a close, Reto Knutti looks on from his office in Switzerland with a mix of weary déjà vu and cautious optimism. As a physics professor and leader of the climate physics group at ETH Zurich, Knutti, who is 49, has devoted a career to...
Sustainable portfolio

Four steps to your sustainable portfolio

Sustainable investing sounds trickier than it really is. Answering these four questions for yourself will help you put together the sustainable portfolio that truly meets your goals. 1. How sustainable do you want your portfolio to be? This is no yes-or-no question; there are different...
Children learning

Philanthropy and impact investing: This is the difference

Philanthropy and impact investing: Does the world need both? And what is the value of each approach? Tom Kagerer: Yes, the world needs both, since they are complementary approaches on a spectrum of financial and impact returns. There are different ways to improve the quality of people’s lives.
Health portfolio

Thematic investing: Healthy lifestyle in your portfolio

The healthcare sector is in the midst of fundamental change. What opportunities does this present for investors?
Nava Anvari

Venture Philanthropy: A guide to due diligence

Ms. Anvari, could you explain what venture philanthropy is? Impact-oriented organizations can offer effective solutions to tackle societal and environmental issues, but often lack the resources to operate at scale. Venture philanthropy not only provides access to funding, but also helps to...

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