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Hospitality Lausanne

Hospitality economy: From hotels to high-end retail

As the boundaries between hospitality and retail blur, more and more businesses adopt principles traditionally reserved for luxury hotels.
Black and white photo of a woman in front of posters in the 1950s

Poster art: the ephemera that became collectible

Often designed by famous artists, vintage posters reflect aspects of everyday life. Speaking volumes about the nature of society at their time, posters have been highly collectible from the start.
Woman sits on bed at night and looks out of the window

Sleep and performance: how did we become so rest-obsessed?

Getting sufficient sleep has become a status symbol. But doesn’t the focus on rest impose additional stress on already weary professionals and executives?
Hamburg's Speicherstadt district with red brick houses by the river

My Hamburg: Too cool for school?

Hamburg has a reputation for being a cold, arrogant and unfriendly city. But is that really the case? Jörg Finck works at LGT in Hamburg and shares his insights into what the city is really like.
 Baz Luhrman's "The Great Gatsby" movie scene: Gatsby leads his guests through the party hall

Business meals: The art of hosting - and being a guest

From invitations to farewells: How to master business lunches with style and success.
Woman looking into a mirror

Keeping it real: Why we became obsessed with authenticity in 2023

In 2023, we pursued authenticity in a world increasingly blurred by digital innovation.
Businessman with his shoes on his desk

Exec-etiquette: why professionals should brush up on their manners

In an increasingly complex business world, etiquette and the right tone of voice influence more than just first impressions: they also determine long-term success.
Ruth Carter in front of many clothes

Ruth E. Carter: Costumes that make film history

Ruth E. Carter is the first African American costume designer to win an Oscar. She talks about her first sewing machine, Black Panther, Afrofuturism and superheroines.
Man holds up door for woman

Business manners: Is etiquette a thing of the past?

Who holds the door open for whom? Who orders in the restaurant? And do rules of decency and good manners even matter nowadays?

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