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Warren Buffett in a suit and a red tie
Financial knowledge

Warren Buffett's 1949 financial bible: outdated or timeless?

Legendary investor Warren Buffett attributes much of his success to The Intelligent Investor, a book by Benjamin Graham that was first published in 1949. In today’s multimedia world, getting through its over 600 pages can seem like quite a challenge – but it can pay off.
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Seven lies investors tell themselves

As investors, our greatest enemy is often our ego. Seven misguided beliefs about investing.
A bench in the Library of Mistakes
Financial knowledge

The Library of Mistakes: Learning from investment errors

We all want to learn from our mistakes. The Scottish Library of Mistakes is on a mission to bring this mindset to finance.
Anna-Sophie Hartvigsen, Emma Due Bitz and Camilla Falkenberg from Female Invest.

The rise of the female finfluencer: Empowering women's financial independence

Female finfluencers are conquering the digital world - and motivating young women worldwide to master their finances.
Hyperinflation in Germany, Bank Berlin
Financial knowledge

Back to the bad old days of high inflation?

Recent inflation hikes in the US and Europe have raised concerns that we may be entering a period of prolonged high inflation. Although inflation has come down from the heights of last year thanks to aggressive interest rate rises by the central banks, this doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll...
visualization of a digital euro
Financial knowledge

The search for safe and stable digital currencies

Inside the European Central Bank's gleaming glass-and-steel skyscraper at Sonnemann Strasse in Frankfurt, experts are wiring together a fully electronic euro. And even behind the historic, granite-grey façade of the Bank of England in London's Threadneedle Street, similar plans are in hand...
Financial knowledge

What exactly is diversification?

What does an ideal portfolio look like? There is no one answer to this question, because when building an investment portfolio, competent investment professionals will always try to balance risk and return opportunities in a way that corresponds with a person's individual...
Paul Milgrom on auctions: How auctions can “lubricate markets” for better outcomes.
Financial knowledge

How auctions can “lubricate markets” for better outcomes

"Going once, going twice, sold!" You're unlikely to hear this iconic sentence in many of today's auctions - especially when public goods are at stake. A new kind of auction that was held in the US in 1994 turned out to be groundbreaking in this respect: instead of expensive art, radio...
Nobelpreisträger Oliver Hart: «Wir müssen komplett umdenken»
Financial knowledge

Nobel Prize laureate Oliver Hart: “We need to change our thinking all the way”

Are investors really only in it for the money? Are things like climate change, societal harmony and clean air by-the-by, as long as they get their returns? Not at all, claims Harvard economist Oliver Hart, winner of the 2016 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences. The 74-year-old British...

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