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LGT becomes signatory of the global Principles for Responsible Banking

LGT has signed the Principles for Responsible Banking developed by the United Nations. With this step, LGT once again demonstrates its commitment to a sustainable financial sector.


In December 2020, LGT has become an official signatory of the UN Principles for Responsible Banking - a single framework for a sustainable banking industry developed by banks worldwide and the United Nations Environment's Finance Initiative.  

The Principles for Responsible Banking set out the banking industry's responsibility in shaping a sustainable future and in aligning the banking sector with the objectives of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement. They also, importantly, enable a bank to embed sustainability across all its business areas, and to identify where it has the potential to make the most impact in its contributions to a sustainable world. More than 200 banks around the world have already signed the Principles for Responsible Banking. This network of signatories facilitates the alignment of sustainability standards and enables joint projects to strengthen and develop sustainable financial institutions.

H.S.H. Prince Max von und zu Liechtenstein, CEO of LGT Group: "It is the task of every company to assume its responsibility towards society and the environment and to make a contribution to a future worth living. LGT is convinced of this. That is why we also support the efforts of the United Nations to make the global financial sector more sustainable. I am proud that by signing the Principles for Responsible Banking, we can be part of the solution to the greatest challenges of our time."

Olivier de Perregaux, CEO LGT Private Banking: "The Principles for Responsible Banking fit seamlessly into our strategy. LGT is a leading provider of sustainable investments and we have repeatedly been recognized for our offering. Signing the Principles for Responsible Banking is further proof of our long-standing commitment and an important step towards a sustainable future."

Media Release LGT becomes signatory of the global Principles for Responsible Banking

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