Our investment solutions As individual as you are

Your relationship manager is intimately acquainted with you, your family, your needs and your financial goals. Together, you devise a tailor-made investment strategy. In addition to our own products, we give you access to what we identify as being the best third-party investment solutions on the market. We place particular focus on the advice we provide with regard to the sustainability of investments. And we assist you in aligning your portfolio with your values, while ensuring it simultaneously generates an attractive return.

Explore our investment solutions The right solution based on your goals and needs

Do you want to invest your assets and preserve them for the long term? We offer a wide range of attractive investment opportunities and customized services. The offer of our products and services is not available for all investors.

The Princely Strategy

Invest your assets according to the same strategy as the Princely Family of Liechtenstein.

Sustainable investing

Attractive investment solutions for a more sustainable future.

Impact investing

Invest in companies that generate financial returns and create value for the environment and society.

Private markets

Buy an equity stake in companies and participate directly in their success.

Wealth planning

Families with complex asset structures or dynamics require comprehensive wealth planning.

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Portfolio management or investment advisory?

How much time are you willing or able to spend on your portfolio? How well acquainted are you with international financial markets and how hands-on do you want to be with your investments? How you answer these questions will determine whether our portfolio management or investment advisory services could be the right choice for you.

Portfolio management

  • You define your investment strategy with your relationship manager
  • We invest your assets according to your instructions
  • We monitor your portfolio on an ongoing basis and provide transparent reporting
  • Your involvement with your portfolio and investments is minimal

Investment advisory

  • You define your investment strategy with your advisor
  • We recommend carefully selected investments that are in line with your strategy. You make the final decision and place the orders
  • We monitor your portfolio regularly and provide transparent reporting
  • You are actively involved in managing your portfolio

Additional services Our solutions for clients who want more

As well as attractive investment solutions and customized services, our comprehensive private banking offering also includes additional services provided from a single source. Your personal advisor will respond to your questions and address any concerns, offer comprehensive advice and connect you with our experts as appropriate. 


We trade securities, precious metals and foreign currencies. You can provide your orders to your relationship manager or directly via our e-banking solution LGT SmartBanking. We offer you first-class service, expert advice as well as best execution.

Two businessmen representing financing


As a private bank, we offer financing solutions that are tailored specifically to your needs – whether you require short-term liquidity, want to take advantage of an investment opportunity or plan to buy a property.

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