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Last revised November 4, 2022

1. Binding effect of the terms of use

By accessing the LGT website, you accept the legally binding effect of the following terms of use and legal notice (hereinafter referred to as the "terms of use"). If you do not consent to them or are subject to access restrictions, you should refrain from accessing the LGT website.

LGT reserves the right to amend these terms of use from time to time. You should therefore check on a regular basis or each time you access the LGT website whether they have changed and, if appropriate, whether you also consent to the new version. You will find the date on which they were revised at the beginning of these terms of use.

2. Access restrictions

When accessing the LGT website, you must comply with the applicable legal provisions and observe any local restrictions. In particular, the information, data, texts, graphics, images, video clips and other publications (hereinafter referred to as "information") on the LGT website are not intended for persons from countries where access to and the dissemination of such information or websites would require prior registration, authorization or approval by LGT. Furthermore, the LGT website may not be accessed nor may information on the LGT website be retrieved by persons who, due to their place of residence, nationality or other reasons, are subject to a legal regime under which accessing such information or websites is unlawful.

Persons to whom such restrictions apply may not access the LGT web pages. Please consult the relevant laws and restrictions in effect at your place of residence and applicable to you in advance.

3. Not a recommendation, not an offer

All information provided on the LGT website is for information purposes only. In particular, none of the information on these Web pages constitutes a recommendation, an offer or a solicitation to buy or sell securities, financial instruments or other investment products (hereinafter referred to as "investments") or to effect or enter into transactions (hereinafter referred to as "transactions"). Some content may be advertising material for financial services or for financial instruments. The information is not an aid to be used in making decisions about financial, legal, tax or other advisory matters; nor is it a suitable and sufficient basis on which to make decisions about investments or other transactions. Therefore, it does not replace the advice provided by a qualified professional.

Unless expressly stated or agreed otherwise, LGT does not accept instructions issued through the message box or by e-mail.

4. No guarantee of the information’s topicality, accuracy or completeness

Market and investment reports and other publications on the LGT website are based on sources of information that LGT considers to be reliable. Nevertheless, LGT cannot vouch for the content of the information; nor can the information be regarded as a full account or summary of the investments, transactions, markets or developments mentioned therein. The content may change at any time or be based on incorrect third-party information. Therefore, LGT does not guarantee or accept liability for the accuracy, completeness or topicality of the information.

5. Market and stock exchange data

The prices given are indicative and are provided by our Information Service Providers for information purposes only. They are not intended as an offer, solicitation of an offer, or recommendation to buy or sell any investment or other specific product. The information is subject to different delays depending on the stock exchange, but will be delayed by at least 15 minutes. These prices are therefore not binding and do not take, in particular, any additional costs into account.

We cannot provide any assurance or guarantee as to the information being correct, complete and up to date and do not accept any liability for direct or indirect and consequential loss or damage. Investors should be aware that the value of investments can fall as well as rise. Positive performance in the past is therefore no reliable indicator of positive performance in the future.

6. Investment performance

The value of investments may rise or fall at any time. Positive performance in the past is therefore no guarantee of positive performance in the future. In addition, investments in foreign currencies are subject to currency fluctuations. There is a possibility that investors may not receive back any or all of the amount they invested. Furthermore, potential investors should find out about the possible tax consequences of purchasing, owning and selling investments at their place of residence and, if necessary, obtain advice at their place of residence.

7. Linked websites

LGT has no influence over the layout or content of the websites of other operators (hereinafter referred to as "third-party websites"), even if they are linked to the LGT website or contain links to the LGT website. Therefore, LGT cannot accept responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, topicality or legality of the content of third-party websites or for any information, offers or services contained on them. Responsibility and liability for linked third-party websites lie with the operators in question.

Links from a third-party web page to an LGT web page require LGT's prior written consent.

8. Services of third-party providers

Social media are services with websites that are operated by third-party providers and therefore neither belong to nor are managed by LGT. LGT's social media sites are a service provided without making any guarantee that the services will always be accessible, function properly or be suitable for particular purposes. LGT cannot control, confirm, influence or monitor the user comments or activities that result from LGT articles being forwarded by users to services of third-party providers or elsewhere. Information relating to business relationships with clients may not be communicated through social media. In addition, LGT does not accept responsibility or liability for data protection compliance by third-party service providers or operators of third-party websites linked through the services.

9. Amendments or additions to the information

LGT reserves the right to amend or add to the information provided or to remove some or all of the information at any time without prior notification. However, LGT is not obligated to delete out-of-date information or to expressly indicate it as such.

10. Rights of ownership

All rights and titles to the LGT website and the information and programs contained on it (proprietary rights, copyrights, trademarks, logos, patents, further intellectual property rights and other rights) are owned by LGT or the holder of the right in question. Individual pages and/or sections of the LGT website may only be stored or printed out for private and internal purposes and provided neither the copyright notices nor the other designations protected by law are removed. Even after information or programs have been stored, printed out or otherwise used, all rights remain with LGT or the holder of the right in question. The reproduction (in full or in part), in particular the use of texts, sections of text or image material, transfer (electronically or by other means), modification, linking or use of the LGT website for public or commercial purposes requires LGT’s prior written consent.

The content and rights of third parties are marked as such. Their proprietary, patent, trademark, ownership or other protective rights must also be protected. The third parties' consent or appropriate authorization is usually required in order to be able to use third-party content.

11. Significant interests

LGT and/or the members of its boards of directors, its managers and its employees may have or have had shares or positions or traded or acted as market makers in titles mentioned on the LGT website. Furthermore, such legal entities or natural persons may have or have had a relationship with entities mentioned on the LGT website, provide or have provided corporate finance or other services to those entities, or have or have had a seat on their management board.

12. No liability (exclusion of liability)

LGT expressly disclaims all liability for direct or indirect losses (including lost profits), damage, liability claims, receivables, costs or consequential damage that result from the use of or access to the LGT website or from links to third-party websites or that may occur due to information being retrieved on the LGT website. This also applies to liability as a result of negligence, even if LGT was informed about the possibility of such consequences.

LGT also disclaims all liability for any kind of manipulation of the user's IT system. It specifically draws attention to the risks of viruses or other harmful programs and to the possibility of hacking attacks. It is highly recommended, therefore, that you use the latest browser versions and anti-virus software.

13. Data protection and security during data transfer

Please read the data protection notice, which informs you about how LGT handles personal data and about data security on the Internet.

14. Severability clause

Should one or more provisions of these terms of use be invalid, unlawful or ineffective, the text as a whole shall remain binding.

15. Inconsistent provisions

Certain web pages or sections of the LGT website may contain additional notices, statements, terms or provisions (hereinafter referred to as "provisions"). In the event of an inconsistency between these terms of use and the provisions, the provisions for the web pages or sections in question shall take precedence.

16. Applicable law and jurisdiction

The user's access to the LGT website, the use of the LGT website and these terms of use shall be subject to Liechtenstein law. Vaduz shall be the exclusive place of jurisdiction.


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