我們的作者將提供他們對重大議題的獨到見解,解釋前因後果、內外聯繫,幷提供寶貴的背景信息。 我們涉及的主題包括投資策略、生活方式、可持續發展等。 請選擇您特別感興趣的主題。


The revolution taking place at the office

Is New Work a passing fad, or a trend that will shape how companies operate in the future?

Vacant office space with cleaning machine

New work models and the flexitariat: here to stay?

Flexible work models that allow employees to have a say in how they work may be the way of the future. And according to recent studies, they can also have financial benefits for companies.
A photographic composition of maize, beans, coffee and gold

Commodity trading

Before the development of today's global transportation networks, only the most expensive commodities were traded in bulk. Now commodities trading covers a wealth of goods from wheat and gold to oil and gas.
An Aerones robot is pulled up a wind turbine wheel

Renewable energy and robotics - a powerful combination

Solar panels, wind turbines, hydroelectric plants: Renewable power generation is thriving, and so is the industry's need for operation and maintenance providers - particularly using robotics. An interesting investment opportunity?