Argent, capital, devises. Comment fonctionnent les marchés financiers? Sur quelles tendances devriez-vous vous informer? Vous trouverez dans notre rubrique des articles passionnants écrits par nos experts et expertes en finances sur l’évolution des marchés financiers.

Golden eggs in and around a nest
Financial markets

Private credit offers variety and diversification for fixed-income investors

Stock and bond market volatility, along with inflation, pose a dilemma for investors: where to turn for solid long-term returns and more stability?
Schuhe der Marke Birkenstock im Showroom der Zentrale des Unternehmens in Neustadt/Wied
Financial markets

IPOs - when is the best time to invest?

Arm, Birkenstock and Sandoz are just a few of the companies that have recently gone public, highlighting that after an extended dry spell, the IPO business is picking up steam again. So should investors be in the market from day one? Or should they wait?
Gebäude der "Fed", der US-Notenbank in Washington
Financial markets

Where next for interest rates?

After the relentless rises of the past year and a half, it looks as if rates may finally be close to peaking. At least, that’s the way it appears after the latest round of key central bank rate-setting meetings. But have we reached the peak? Experts forecast what to expect in coming months.
Sicherheitszaun für Containerlager
Financial markets

The new economic insularity, fact or fiction?

Free trade is thriving, despite what the headlines would have us believe - LGT Chief Economist Wolfgang von Hessling's view.
Jay Powell, US Federal Reserve Chair, testifies in the US Senate
Financial markets

Are we in for a quick global recession, or just years of slow growth?

Are we in for a quick global recession, or just years of slow growth? Interest rate rises resulting from restrictive monetary policy will shape the global economic and financial markets for years, damaging growth and affecting activity. At the same time, it’s encouraging to see the resilience...
expert panel on sustainable infrastructure
Financial markets

Sustainable infrastructure:

Infrastructure is pivotal to ensuring a country’s economic success and social cohesion. But in many places, infrastructure has been neglected. According to numerous experts, it will therefore be necessary to invest large sums of money in modernizing and expanding infrastructure in the...
Financial markets

Is the 60/40 portfolio about to make a comeback?

Thomas Wille, Chief Investment Officer LGT Private Banking EMEA, and Sanjay Rijhsinghani, Chief Investment Officer LGT Wealth Management UK, explain why 2022 was an outlier for the 60/40 portfolio. However, according to the experts, if certain conditions are met, it could soon be back on...
Infrastructure - the backbone of a sustainable society
Financial markets

Infrastructure - the backbone of a sustainable society

Remote working has been a huge topic of discussion since the early days of the pandemic. And in the meantime, this phenomenon, which started as an involuntary experiment, has become an integral part of the working world. However, the sudden transition to new working models required a massive...
Japan - Musterschüler in Sachen Inflation?
Financial markets

Japan - role model for inflation?

Inflation: hardly anything else occupies economists and business journalists as this does. In a new edition of our "3 Questions for ..." series, Ivan Goh explains a remarkable outlier in the global economy: Japan. Compared to the USA and many countries in Europe, Japan's inflation remains tame.

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