Vous trouverez ici des informations et des sujets de fond sur le marché financier, les actions, les obligations, les fonds (ETF) mais aussi les investissements de private equity. Vous pouvez ainsi prendre des décisions éclairées et éventuellement optimiser le profil rendement-risque de vos placements financiers.

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Investment strategy

Imagining multiple futures

Even Nostradamus might hesitate to make predictions about the future in today's dramatically disrupted world.
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Investment strategy

Are bond proxies still attractive?

Equities that behave like bonds remain interesting investments - even in a higher-for-longer interest-rate environment. If interest rates start dropping, their popularity could soar.
A person wearing a neoprene suit, swimming cap and goggles is swimming in open water at sunrise
Investment strategy

Investing in good health and well-being

Why the UN's Sustainable Development Goal No 3 offers a roadmap for corporate growth and profitability.
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Investment strategy

Beyond the horizon: a five-year capital markets outlook

Even investors with long-term goals can focus too closely on the present and miss opportunities that only develop over time. While it's particularly hard to predict the future in times like these, we can identify investment themes like sustainability and technological innovation that will drive...
Man and woman, both senior citizens, dancing in a park
Investment strategy

Changing demographics offer investment opportunities

As the global population ages, retirees will need better health and social care options, more assisted-living housing, and flexible retirement solutions. That's good news for investors.
Bird's eye view of natural water and ice streams
Investment strategy

Sustainable private finance for a greener, cleaner world

Battling climate change via the energy transition will cost trillions. But where will the financing come from? With government budgets stretched to the limit, there are excellent opportunities for private investors to help the world - and themselves.
A German flag flies, behind it, ship cranes stand in a German harbour at dusk.
Investment strategy

Can the German economy start growing again?

Once the engine of European economic growth, Germany's stuttering economy reflects fiscal risk aversion, energy challenges, and insufficient digital flexibility. Yet a strong industrial core, a growing green tech sector, and falling inflation all hold out hope for a longer-term recovery.
Four young men with identical red jackets, headphones and consoles stare intently at their screens
Investment strategy

Gaming grows up

Thanks to rapid digitalisation and spectacular 4K graphics, gaming is no longer a niche business. In fact, the gaming industry generates more revenue than the music and film businesses combined.
Stacked gold bars in a bank vault
Investment strategy

Gold glitters amidst geopolitical uncertainty

As the most defensive of asset classes, gold is providing diversification and stability to investor portfolios in the wake of Middle East tensions.

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