Top News | Aug 26, 2015

LGT in excellent shape

LGT reported very good results for the first half of 2015. Compared to the same period last year, total operating income rose 15% to CHF 548.8 million and total group profit increased 27% to CHF 131.0 million. Net asset inflows totaled CHF 4.1 billion.

Sustainability at LGT

"We feel taken seriously as partners"

Seeking both performance and sustainability: Heinz Behacker, Chairman of VBV - Vorsorgekasse in Austria.

Since 2012, LGT has been successfully managing a sustainable equity mandate for the largest pension fund in Austria. VBV - Vorsorgekasse AG is playing a pioneering role as the first company to establish an ethics committee and define clear criteria for sustainable investments. Heinz Behacker, Chairman of VBV - Vorsorgekasse in Austria, is seeking both performance and sustainability.