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LGT’s world of images: paintings from the Princely Collections reflect lasting values

Successful art collectors and asset managers share particular qualities: long-term thinking and action, discipline and skill.

For more than 400 years, the princes of Liechtenstein have been passionate art collectors. The Princely Collections include key works of European art stretching over five centuries and are among the world’s major private art collections. The Collections have their roots in the Baroque ideal according to which the well-to-do felt they had a duty to promote the fine arts for the general good. The House of Liechtenstein has pursued this ideal consistently down the generations.

We make deliberate use of the artworks in the Princely Collections as images in our marketing, for example in our premises, our brochures, our advertisements and for client gifts. For us, they embody attributes such as a long-term perspective, skill and reliability - precisely those values that form the basis for our successful partnership with our clients.

Olivier de Perregaux, CEO LGT Private Banking

"To us, the works of art in the Princely Collections embody many values that we also strive to uphold in our partnerships with our clients: long-term thinking and action, an approach based on individual perspectives, and skill and reliability when it comes to building and managing wealth.”

Olivier de Perregaux, CEO LGT Private Banking