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The blockchain trend: Does it fit into your investment strategy?

April 7, 2022

reading time: 1 minute

by Tilmann Schaal, LGT

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Blockchain may be hard for investors to get a handle on, but it has nonetheless captured their imagination. We provide you with an overview of this topic and what you should know.

When people think of blockchain, they usually associate it with Bitcoin. In reality, however, blockchain can be used much more broadly for the transfer of assets via a secure, decentralized network on the internet. This technology is therefore about much more than “just” the realization of a cryptocurrency. However, even experts continue to find it difficult to tap the potential of blockchain for investors and integrate it into investment strategies.

In a video, Thomas Wille, Chief Investment Officer, LGT Private Banking Europe, responds to questions from the business journalist Carolin Roth.

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