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Financial markets

How real assets are stored on a blockchain

Tokens can be used to digitalize real assets. In our latest LGT Big Picture video, Thomas Wille, Chief Investment Officer LGT Private Banking EMEA, explains the opportunities and pitfalls associated with tokenization – and how this could impact the financial world. Marktinformationen...
expert panel on sustainable infrastructure
Financial markets

Sustainable infrastructure:

Infrastructure is pivotal to ensuring a country’s economic success and social cohesion. But in many places, infrastructure has been neglected. According to numerous experts, it will therefore be necessary to invest large sums of money in modernizing and expanding infrastructure in the...
Financial markets

Is the 60/40 portfolio about to make a comeback?

Thomas Wille, Chief Investment Officer LGT Private Banking EMEA, and Sanjay Rijhsinghani, Chief Investment Officer LGT Wealth Management UK, explain why 2022 was an outlier for the 60/40 portfolio. However, according to the experts, if certain conditions are met, it could soon be back on...
Infrastructure - the backbone of a sustainable society
Financial markets

Infrastructure - the backbone of a sustainable society

Remote working has been a huge topic of discussion since the early days of the pandemic. And in the meantime, this phenomenon, which started as an involuntary experiment, has become an integral part of the working world. However, the sudden transition to new working models required a massive...
Japan - Musterschüler in Sachen Inflation?
Financial markets

Japan - role model for inflation?

Inflation: hardly anything else occupies economists and business journalists as this does. In a new edition of our "3 Questions for ..." series, Ivan Goh explains a remarkable outlier in the global economy: Japan. Compared to the USA and many countries in Europe, Japan's inflation remains tame.
Financial markets

Is the metaverse all hype or the next big driver of disruption?

The metaverse’s virtual worlds are still a difficult concept for us to grasp. But the discussion about the impact the new digital technology could have on our lives has already gained considerable momentum. In this video, Thomas Wille, Chief Investment Officer (LGT Private Banking...
Financial markets

Financial markets: Investment outlook for 2023

With year-end approaching, LGT’s investment experts look ahead to 2023 and share their views on how the economy and markets will develop. Investment strategies for 2023 In this video, Chief Investment Officer Thomas Wille, LGT Private Banking Europe, explores strategies that...
Globale Vernetzung dank 5G
Financial markets

Global connectivity thanks to 5G - economic fillip

The rollout of new, more powerful wireless standards represents an opportunity for investors.
Financial markets

The energy transition - an attractive investment theme?

An investment in the energy transition promises the opportunity to achieve a double return, support the fight against climate change and make a financial profit. But is this really a classic win-win scenario for investors, or do the facts tell a different story? In the video, LGT Private...

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