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Financial markets

The blockchain trend: Does it fit into your investment strategy?

Blockchain may be hard for investors to get a handle on, but it has nonetheless captured their imagination. We provide you with an overview of this topic and what you should know.

Tilmann Schaal, LGT
Reading time
1 minute
Investmenttrend Blockchain

When people think of blockchain, they usually associate it with Bitcoin. In reality, however, blockchain can be used much more broadly for the transfer of assets via a secure, decentralized network on the internet. This technology is therefore about much more than "just" the realization of a cryptocurrency. However, even experts continue to find it difficult to tap the potential of blockchain for investors and integrate it into investment strategies.

In a video, Thomas Wille, Chief Investment Officer, LGT Private Banking Europe, responds to questions from the business journalist Carolin Roth.

Investment strategy

Thematic investing is hugely popular – here’s how it works

Data by Morningstar, a US financial services firm, show the total amount invested in thematic funds grew to $718bn in the fourth quarter of 2021, from $251bn two years earlier. There are now 1,276 themed funds available, covering myriad growth trends from marijuana to artificial intelligence...
Robots in the operating room: How deep tech is revolutionizing medicine

Robots in the operating room: How deep tech is revolutionizing medicine

The groundbreaking step started with a small incision near the belly button. At the beginning of April 2021, Professor Lutz Mirow, Chief Physician at Chemnitz Hospital in Germany, sat in front of a control console and reached for his scalpel with a robotic hand. For the experienced surgeon...
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