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The twins – Y2K and A.I.

The topic of "artificial intelligence" (A.I.) is currently an integral part of mainstream media. Although very intensive research has been going on in this field for years and enormous sums have been invested, the breakthrough onto the big stage was not yet achieved. This changed when...

US debt limit
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US debt dispute further defused - next Fed interest rate decision moves into focus

The ongoing political balancing act in the dispute over raising the debt ceiling in the US on the one hand and the uncertainty about the next step of the US Federal Reserve on the other hand continue to cause nervousness on capital markets. However, the bill to suspend the debt ceiling cleared...
US Capitol Hill
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June 2023

The political dispute over raising the debt ceiling in the US has been at the centre of attention on the financial markets in recent weeks. With the agreement now reached to raise the debt ceiling for two years, which still has to be approved by parliament, the risk of a default by the world’s...
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Tech stocks, vote in US debt dispute and Fed Beige Book in focus

The compromise reached in Washington in the dispute over raising the US debt ceiling did not set off fireworks on the stock markets, as a "last-minute solution" is more or less priced in. However, the graphics card, server and AI chip specialist Nvidia reached a stock market value of one...


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“A solid foundation is pivotal”

In the current market and industry environment, security is more important than ever. Olivier de Perregaux, CEO LGT Private Banking, explains why ensuring stability and solidity has always been a priority for LGT.


Biodiversity is becoming increasingly important

In 1916, in a scientific paper called The Variable Desert, the biologist J. Arthur Harris described in awe the richness and variety of the plant life he had observed in the wild lands around Tucson in Arizona. There was, he wrote, "a flora rich in genera and species and of diverse geographic...
Climate change lethargy

Why am I not doing anything about climate change?

Bar a dwindling core of climate deniers and those with their heads buried in the steadily warming sand, we all now know what is happening. The climate is in crisis. An existential threat that scientists have warned of for decades is in our faces. But beyond the individual acts of perhaps...
Die 15-Minuten-Stadt wird zur Volksbewegung – auch im Dorfformat

Welcome to a better way of living

Mellac, in northwestern France, is not a major name on the Brittany tourist trail. With a population of just over 3000 souls, the village is hardly bustling. But it is part of a quiet global revolution to re-shape the way we're living. A new movement - to establish Fifteen Minute Cities -...

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