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Financial markets

Is the metaverse all hype or the next big driver of disruption?

The metaverse’s virtual worlds are still a difficult concept for us to grasp. But the...
Financial markets

Financial markets: Investment outlook for 2023

With year-end approaching, LGT’s investment experts look ahead to 2023 and share their...
Globale Vernetzung dank 5G
Financial markets

Global connectivity thanks to 5G - economic fillip

The rollout of new, more powerful wireless standards represents an opportunity for investors.
Financial markets

The energy transition - an attractive investment theme?

An investment in the energy transition promises the opportunity to achieve a double...
Dynamik der Globalisierung
Financial markets

"Globalization's momentum has abated"

Globalization has been a key driver of the sustained growth enjoyed in recent years. But...
Wechsel in der Geldpolitik
Financial markets

What do interest rate hikes mean for financial markets and investors?

We had all become used to low interest rates. Stock markets rejoiced, bouncing back from...
Investmenttrend Blockchain
Financial markets

The blockchain trend: Does it fit into your investment strategy?

When people think of blockchain, they usually associate it with Bitcoin. In reality...
Financial markets

Investments and emotions: An opportunity or a risk?

In today's world of investing, robo-advisor algorithms are competing with the expertise of...

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