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Financial markets

Sustainable infrastructure: An investment trend to watch out for?

Our experts explain the link between the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and sustainable infrastructure investments.

Tilmann Schaal, LGT
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Diskussionsrunde zur nachhaltigen Infrastruktur


Infrastructure is pivotal to ensuring a country’s economic success and social cohesion. But in many places, infrastructure has been neglected. According to numerous experts, it will therefore be necessary to invest large sums of money in modernizing and expanding infrastructure in the coming years. In addition, the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals also call for massive investments in this area. 

LGT Private Banking EMEA’s experts comment on this exciting investment topic: Chief Investment Officer Thomas Wille explains the concept of sustainable infrastructure, while Fund Analyst Hasan Karahan outlines its potential for investors. And Senior Equity Analyst Thomas Hassl takes a closer look at how some green solutions providers in the infrastructure sector could benefit from the multi-billion euro subsidies in the West.

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