Investment advisory Individual advice for high-net-worth clients

Our investment advisory service is the ideal choice for investors who prefer to make their own decisions. We give you access to the wide-ranging experience and the expertise of our investment specialists and advisors, which you can use as a basis for your investment decisions.

Investment Advisory

How we identify investment opportunities for your portfolio

Want to make quick, well-informed investment decisions? Our investment advisory services enable you to do precisely that with the support of experienced relationship managers and investment specialists. We provide you with proactive investment ideas and proposals to help you make your decisions quickly and efficiently. We also offer you regular and transparent updates on all portfolio, performance and sustainability aspects of your investments.

Three advisory models The right investment advice for your needs

We tailor our investment advice to you and your needs. You have three different models to choose from, depending on how active you want to be in managing your assets and what kind of advice you are looking for. As your sparring partner, we provide you with personalized advice, develop your investment strategy with you, monitor your portfolio and recommend the most promising investments.

Investment advisory with relationship managers

Model 1: LGT Advisory Classic

This model is a good choice if you want to construct your portfolio around funds rather than individual securities and therefore tend to do fewer transactions. Your personal relationship manager will guide you through the process, keeping a close eye on your portfolio, drawing on the research of our investment experts and making suitable buy or sell recommendations.

Investment advisory with investment experts

Model 2: LGT Advisory Expert

This is the right model for you if you actively manage your assets with an individual structure and with individual securities, and would like to discuss your investment decisions with one of our investment experts. This includes ESG advice, forex strategies, structured products and private equity investments.

Investment advisory for professionals

Model 3: LGT Active Advisory

This model is designed for clients who prefer to make their own investment decisions, have portfolios with complex structures requiring active management and want to take advantage of short-term investment opportunities across the entire investment spectrum by engaging in regular trading. You can enlist the expertise of our research specialists and discuss your personal trading ideas with us.

Sustainable investment advisory

Investors have different sustainability preferences, which is why LGT has developed four sustainability profiles. Each adheres to a selection of ESG criteria that take these varying sustainability requirements into account: 

  • Traditional: Sustainability has a subordinate role for you. Your investment decisions are mainly driven by financial criteria.  
  • Basic: In addition to financial criteria, you also include a sustainability standard in your investment decisions. Investments with a low sustainability quality are excluded from your portfolio. 
  • Enhanced: You consider high sustainability standards when selecting instruments. Your portfolio investments support sustainable development. 
  • Enhanced Plus: Your sustainability standards for your investments are very high. Your portfolio has a strong bias towards investments that make a positive contribution to society and the environment. 

Our experts use the following instruments to make your assets more sustainable: 

  • Exclusions: We completely avoid investing in companies with activities relating to thermal coal or controversial weapon, due to their incompatibility with our own sustainability goals. We apply additional product- and conduct-based exclusion for companies and exclude certain countries, as defined by your sustainability profile. 
  • ESG integration: Our sustainable portfolio advisory avoids one-star instruments, primarily favoring two-star and above rated assets. Enhanced and Enhanced Plus profiles prioritize investments based on sustainable business operations and sustainable products and services, consisting mainly of four- and five-star rated instruments. 
  • Thematic Focus: We have a selection of sustainability thematic investments that make positive contributions to specific SDGs. With thematic investments, clients can integrate their personal sustainability convictions into their portfolio and exert influence on sustainable development in a targeted manner. 

Want to know which of our investment advisory models is the best fit for you? We would be happy to advise you.

Portfolio management or investment advisory?

How much time are you willing or able to spend on your portfolio? How hands-on do you want to be with your assets? How you answer these questions will determine whether our portfolio management or investment advisory services could be the right choice for you. While these two approaches have certain aspects in common, they also have some important differences: 

Portfolio management

  • You can define your investment strategy with your relationship manager
  • We invest your assets based on the agreed investment strategy
  • We monitor your portfolio on an ongoing basis and keep you up to date on developments
  • Your involvement with your portfolio and investments is minimal

Investment advisory

  • You can define your investment strategy with your relationship manager
  • We make investment proposals that match your strategy – you decide which ones are implemented
  • We monitor your portfolio regularly and keep you up to date on developments
  • You take an active interest in your portfolio and investments

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