Complaints management

We make it our mission to ensure that our clients and business partners are satisfied. Nevertheless, should you wish to complain about a service, you can get in touch with us in one of the following ways: 

  • You can contact your relationship manager directly.
  • You can raise your concern with us by phone (+423 235 11 22), e-mail or mail
    LGT Bank Ltd.
    Herrengasse 12
    FL-9490 Vaduz

We will need the following information from you so that we can process and respond to your complaint promptly:

  • Relevant details of the circumstances
  • A description of your concern and how you have been affected
  • Your contact details, such as your name and address

 Your complaint will be processed as quickly as possible with the relevant specialist department also being involved, although this may take some time depending on how complex your issue is.

  • Should it not be possible to respond to your complaint immediately and if the necessary investigations take a few days, you will receive written confirmation that your complaint has been acknowledged.  
  • We will notify you in writing and/or verbally about the findings of our investigations once we have reviewed your case.

You can also take your complaint directly to Liechtenstein’s extrajudicial Conciliation Board, which provides a free and neutral mediation service for settling conflicts between clients and banks. You can find more information at

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(update 28/08/2017)

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