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With a private label fund, families or foundations can structure their assets and asset managers can implement investment ideas in their own fund product. We support you throughout the entire process - from planning to management. The offer of our products and services is not available for all investors.

Private Label Fonds

What are private label funds?

Private label funds are designed and created according to your individual needs. As the client, you choose an individual name, define the cost structure and determine the investment policy. Our experienced team advises and accompanies you in the concept and start-up phase and assists you with ongoing support. LGT offers you the services of custodian, fund administrator and management company as well as AIFM from a single source. 

Our services For your individual private label funds


Working together with you, we devise the investment policy for your private label fund. Once the framework conditions and requirements have been established, we take care of drafting all the necessary contracts, fund documents and legal documents. 


Once the structural, legal and regulatory foundations have been finalized, we ensure a smooth approval and set-up process.  

Fund Management Company/AIFM

During the entire term, we as management company/AIFM assume responsibility for the management of your private label fund, ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, and also monitor the outsourced functions.


Regular valuation and accounting for both liquid and illiquid assets is ensured by LGT. In addition, we oversee the preparation and submission of the necessary regulatory reporting.

Risk management

We continuously analyze, assess, manage and limit risks in a systematic process and ensure that your fund meets all necessary compliance requirements.


LGT provides you with a specialized contact person who is your competent single point of contact for all your questions and concerns. 

Why LGT?

Are you looking for a reliable partner to implement your fund project? We are at your service as an experienced and leading fund service provider. Our clients benefit from the following features: 


In the event that LGT Fund Management Company offers investment fund solutions to external third parties and delegates the investment decisions to a non-LGT entity, the development and implementation of the investment strategy and investment policy will be carried out by an external party that may not adhere to the same standards or may not have comparable standards. Of course, we grant external parties the greatest possible discretion and flexibility in their investment decisions. Nevertheless, we strive to promote the topic of sustainability among external parties as well.  

  • LGT Fund Management Company requires its partners to consider sustainability risks in their investment decisions and encourages external parties to take sustainability aspects into account throughout the investment process. 
  • We make LGT’s sustainability guidelines and standards available to external parties and partners. If a conflict is identified with the LGT Code of Conduct, the external party will be informed that the measures taken violate LGT standards. In addition, LGT Fund Management Company defines exclusion criteria which are reviewed prior to providing services to external third parties and determine whether or not a particular project may be taken forward. 

For certain products, special disclosure requirements regarding sustainability must be fulfilled. Further information on the products concerned can be found in our publications.

Advantage of the location in Liechtenstein This is why the Principality is our home

In 1996, the first investment fund was launched in the Principality of Liechtenstein. Today, Liechtenstein is one of the world’s leading fund venues. In international comparison, the licensing period is short and the start-up, administrative and supervisory costs are moderate. LGT Fund Management Company is one of the largest fund providers in Liechtenstein. 

Logo of rating agency Standard & Poor’s

Top rating

The creditworthiness of the Principality of Liechtenstein is excellent and it has been given the highest rating of AAA by Standard & Poor's.


Legal certainty

Liechtenstein’s legislation is EU-compliant, and the Financial Market Authority is recognized throughout the EU as an equivalent supervisory authority.


Quick implementation

Proximity to the EU guarantees efficient financial market supervision, and the EU passport system simplifies distribution in the EU single market. 

Our clients are families, family offices, foundations, trustees as well as asset managers. They value our years of experience in establishing and managing private label funds.

Thomas Marte CEO LGT Fund Management Company Ltd.

Do you have any questions? We will be happy to answer them.

Thomas Marte

Thomas Marte

Chief Executive Officer
Bernhard Weininger

Bernhard Weininger

Deputy Head Investment Fund Solutions

Regulatory publications: 

Investor information and further regulatory information can be found in our publications.

Explore our offering Other LGT products and services

As well as attractive investment solutions, our comprehensive private banking offering also includes additional customized services provided from a single source. Your personal advisor is available to deal with your questions and concerns, offer you comprehensive advice, and connect you with our experts when more detailed issues arise. 



We offer you solutions that are precisely tailored to your needs.


We trade securities, precious metals and foreign currencies on your behalf.

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