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Emerging market equities: Is it time to buy?

This Big Picture video takes a closer look at emerging markets. Thomas Wille, Chief Investment Officer LGT Private Banking EMEA and Ivan Goh, Chief Strategist APAC, explain if and to what extent equities from these markets could once again offer attractive investment opportunities.
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What exactly is diversification?

What does an ideal portfolio look like? There is no one answer to this question, because when building an investment portfolio, competent investment professionals will always try to balance risk and return opportunities in a way that corresponds with a person's individual...
Paul Milgrom on auctions: How auctions can “lubricate markets” for better outcomes.
Financial knowledge

How auctions can “lubricate markets” for better outcomes

"Going once, going twice, sold!" You're unlikely to hear this iconic sentence in many of today's auctions - especially when public goods are at stake. A new kind of auction that was held in the US in 1994 turned out to be groundbreaking in this respect: instead of expensive art, radio...
Nobelpreisträger Oliver Hart: «Wir müssen komplett umdenken»
Financial knowledge

Nobel Prize laureate Oliver Hart: “We need to change our thinking all the way”

Are investors really only in it for the money? Are things like climate change, societal harmony and clean air by-the-by, as long as they get their returns? Not at all, claims Harvard economist Oliver Hart, winner of the 2016 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences. The 74-year-old British...
ISM-purchasing manager’s index – proven US economic bellwether
Financial knowledge

ISM-purchasing manager's index - proven US economic bellwether

The purchasing manager's index, or PMI, is often cited by analysts, business journalists or other investment experts reporting on the US economy. What exactly is this widely watched economic indicator and what is it based on? LGT Private Banking Europe’s Senior Investment Writer Alessandro...
Financial knowledge

How much truth is there in sayings about stock markets?

Many people are familiar with the proverb, “Red sky in the morning, sailors take warning ...”. And surprisingly, it often holds true. But is there as much truth in sayings that are supposed to predict developments in financial markets? We’ve fact-checked three of the most well-known...
gehobene Hände
Financial knowledge

The path to greater shareholder engagement in private banking

"Love it or leave it": if shareholders feel that a company they are invested in is not living up to its potential, they can divest. But they can also actively engage in order to change the situation. And that is what we will be considering in this article: how investors can influence...
Harry Markowitz
Financial knowledge

Investors of note: Harry Markowitz

The idea that you shouldn’t put all of your money into one investment is not a new one. In fact, investors were already trying to spread their risks as best possible when Wall Street was founded in 1792. However, their approach tended to be intuitive, and they used the eggs-in-a-basket method...
Financial knowledge

What happens when a company is kicked out of a stock index?

It recently happened to Tesla, and Lufthansa experienced it during the Coronavirus crisis: both were removed from a stock index. Does such a removal impact just a company’s image or does it also have financial repercussions?

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