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A red car drives towards lights at night
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Car manufacturers shift gears to profit from your data

Who knows you best? Your partner? Your parents? Your best friend? If you bought a new car recently, it’s none of the above: it’s your four-wheeled friend, or foe, depending on how you feel about data collection and privacy.
People crowded into a busy street in Delhi, India
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India is rising fast in Asia's economic pecking order

Think of India, and it is often images of ancient temples and over-crowded streets that come to mind. But make no mistake, India, now the world’s most populous country, is rapidly transforming itself.
A tightrope walk over rocky waters
Investment strategy

Your personality can hugely impact your investments

A growing stack of evidence shows that personality can profoundly affect investment decisions and overall wealth. What type are you? And can you still optimise your returns?
Investment strategy

What does the US Inflation Reduction Act mean for pharma?

Should investors be worried that pharma price cuts in the United States will make the sector less attractive?
halbjahres-ausblick-lgt-2023 (1)
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Mid-year outlook 2023: Cooldown

We expect a gradual cooling of the US economy in the second half of 2023, but not a deep recession. Inflation rates have also slowed in many developed countries, however, the leading central banks have not yet reached their target. We therefore see little potential for interest rate cuts this...
Invest in health
Investment strategy

Investments in the healthcare sector: from niche to investment trend

In 1848, two cousins travelled from the small German city of Ludwigsburg to New York City. Karl Erhart, who was known as Charles, was a confectioner. His cousin was a chemist who had secured a USD 2500 loan from his father to create a small factory in Brooklyn. The chemist's name was Charles...
Thematic investing
Investment strategy

Thematic sustainable investing: Investing in your values

Are you looking to invest in green technology or quality education? With sustainable thematic investing, you can channel funds towards resolving specific environmental and societal challenges.
Earth Overshoot Day: Is it the time to invest in the circular economy?
Investment strategy

Earth Overshoot Day: Is it the time to invest in the circular economy?

Against the backdrop of intensifying raw material shortages, growing mountains of garbage and plastic waste in the oceans, the concept of the circular economy is becoming increasingly important. In this interview, Thomas Hassl, Senior Equity Analyst at LGT Private Banking Europe, talks...
Inflations-resistente Anlagen
Investment strategy

Four stock strategies to fend off inflation

Most of us have watched higher prices wreak havoc on our outgoings and the value of our savings last year. Fortunately, there are a few simple stock strategies that can help you get through turbulent inflationary times and potentially even benefit from higher prices. Price increases here to...

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