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Lively exchange during a networking event

How to network successfully: Turning contacts into relationships

How does good networking work? Here are a few suggestions on how you can grow and strengthen your network.
The Canadian in the Mount Robson Provincial Park

The Canadian: From Toronto to Vancouver by train

Long and luxurious: Our author traveled through Canada by train - on the venerable The Canadian, of course.
Different cultures, different people

Intercultural misunderstandings: The drawbacks of Skype, chats & co.

E-mails, video conferences and emojis: virtual communication comes with its share of challenges, especially in a cross-cultural context. Here are a few pitfalls to watch out for.
Nena Almansi und Autorin Petra Reski in Venedig auf dem Fluss

Rowing through Venice

How does La Serenissima cope with the challenges of the 21st century? During a boat ride through Venice’s canals, the rower Nena Almansi takes stock of her hometown.
Strangers during a business event

Mastering the art of small talk

Don't underestimate the importance of small talk . It can break the ice, open doors and connect strangers. Here’s how you do it.
Die 15-Minuten-Stadt wird zur Volksbewegung – auch im Dorfformat

Welcome to a better way of living

Mellac, in northwestern France, is not a major name on the Brittany tourist trail. With a population of just over 3000 souls, the village is hardly bustling. But it is part of a quiet global revolution to re-shape the way we're living. A new movement - to establish Fifteen Minute Cities -...
Frau in Stadt: Warum der Sound der Städte so fasziniert

The urban soundtrack fascinates through the ages

Can you hear the chatter of passersby, or the ringing of church bells, or the whisper of the wind down the avenues? These might be sounds you rarely notice: only 10% of us actually listen effectively, hardly surprising on a planet filled with podcasts and cordless earbuds. Yet if you do, you...
Schloss Vaduz

Uncovered: Five misconceptions about Liechtenstein

Whether or not something is exotic depends on the context. For example, when Liechtenstein citizens travel abroad, they are used to being considered exotic. When they tell people where they come from, the revelation is often met with surprise and delight, and a whole series of questions that...

Organic wine: From niche to trendsetter

Organic wines are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their greater vibrancy and stronger character and soul, says the head of the Princely Wine Cellars in a conversation.

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